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Deborah Lain, is a Registered Psychologist in Calgary, AB since 1983 and her private practice is  SoulSpring Counselling.  Her special interest is in Health Psychology and since 2002, she has developed a specialization in the Psychological Management of Tinnitus.  Deborah offers a two-day Tinnitus Management Workshop designed to teach self-control techniques on how to manage the emotional impact of tinnitus and regain personal mastery and improved quality of life. 

Deborah has completed the Tinnitus Management Course through the American Tinnitus Association and is a listed professional service provider.  She was honored to be asked by the ATA to write for their journal, Tinnitus Today on, “A Bridge of Hope: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy—Learning How To Live While Having Tinnitus”, published in September 2006. “The Role of Psychologist in the Treatment of Tinnitus”, published in December 2008. 

She was interviewed for “The Sounds That Aren’t Music To Ears", in the Canadian Retirement Magazine, Good Times, the local newspaper supplement on “ Tinnitus Sufferers Grieve Loss of Silence”, and has coauthored “Taming Tinnitus” with an Oto-Neurologist and Audiologist in a medical educational journal; the Parkhurst Exchange.

Deborah has attended the annual conference on the Management of the Tinnitus Patient in Iowa.  She has presented to the Canadian Academy of Audiology, Canadian Hard of Hearing and Canadian Association of Speech Pathologists and Audiologists.  She has spoken to the Calgary Health Region, Audiologists, Family Medicine residents at the University of Calgary, support groups in Calgary, Denver, Colorado Springs and Scottsdale, AZ. and was asked by the the Department of National Defense to provide in-service to their mental health team.

Her goals include more writing, workshops, teleconferencing and presenting to the Department of Veteran Affairs, the WorkSafe Board and medical groups in Canada and the US.  Ultimately, Deborah wants to be part of the realization of a multidisciplinary Tinnitus Specialty Clinic.

Deborah speaks with passion against the notion of passive acceptance of the impact of Tinnitus in the patient’s life.  With enthusiasm, Deborah will inspire and empower you with ways that you can reclaim aspects of life impacted by this condition.  Please join her in celebrating the hope that exists for the person with Tinnitus.


Deborah R. Lain, BA, MSc - Registered Psychologist
1989 to Current Private Practice, SoulSpring Counselling Inc, Calgary, Alberta
2008 Associate member with American Audiology Society
  Member of Advisory Council for American Tinnitus Association
2006 Professional Member of the American Tinnitus Association and listed as a Service Provider
2005 International Affiliate with American Psychological Association
1983 Psychologists’ Association of Alberta
  Registered Psychologist #1455
1983 University of Calgary, Master of Science Degree
  Specialization: Counselling Psychology

Tinnitus Achievements and Activities

·        Tinnitus Open Forum at Deaf & Hard of Hearing Society with panel of experts: Dr Justin Chau, Otolaryngologist, Suzanne MacLaren, Audiologist, Tinnitus Resource & Education Specialist, and Dr Carrie Scarff, Doctor of Audiology and Otology Researcher

2009 Invited for full day in-service on Tinnitus Management to the Department of National Defense, Mental Health Team, Edmonton Garrison

Invited Speaker to Scottsdale Tinnitus Support Group and West Valley Tinnitus group in Arizona

Article Submissions to Audiology Online, the Hearing Journal and local Retirement and Assisted Living facilities

Development of a 2-day Tinnitus Management Workshop (TMW) to offer across Canada (A revised version of the 8-week TSMP course)

Development of 5 week Tinnitus Management Maintenance Program (TMMP) focusing on relapse prevention, foster realistic patient expectations and reinforcement of the implementation of skills learned in the TSMP

Writing a workbook for publication, entitled: E-A-R-S “Excelling At Reclaiming Silence”© including an interactive DVD

Development of extensive Tinnitus website: www.hopefortinnitus.com including articles, newsletter, upcoming tinnitus events, research links, On-Line Services (Tinnitus Chat Room, E-Mail, Phone Consultation and Video-Conferencing) for patients to access specialized services, to reach people who geographically might not have this type of therapy available and who may be limited due to travel schedule, physical or financial circumstances.
2008 American Audiology Society Conference, Scottsdale, AZ - Sessions attended:
  • Tinnitus TRAM Trial 2006-present, Dr. Michael Robb, Oto-Neurologist, Robb Oto-Neurology Clinic, Phoenix, AZ
  • Tinnitus: Sensation, Suffering, Research and Clinical Management, Dr. Robert Dobie, University of California Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA
  • Neuronal Basis of Tinnitus, Dr. James Kaltenbach, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
  • Development of a New Tinnitus Assessment Questionnaire, Dr. Mary Meikle, Oregon Health Science University, Portland, OR
  • Clinical Trials of Counseling and Sound Therapy, and of Electrical Stimulation for Tinnitus, Dr. Richard Tyler, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
  Guest Speaker with Suzanne MacLaren at the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Association, Calgary, AB Reports from the 15th Annual Conference on the Management of the Tinnitus Patient

Speaker at the Canadian Association of Speech & Language Pathologists and Audiologists (CASLPA), Kananaskis, AB Bridge of Hope: Living...While Having Tinnitus

Approved submission for December 2008 Publication in “Tinnitus Today”, quarterly journal with the American Tinnitus Association, “Bridge of Hope: The Role of Psychologist in the Treatment of Tinnitus”

Good Times Magazine (Canadian Retirement Magazine) May 2008, Tinnitus Article, The Sounds That Aren’t Music To Our Ears

Co-Author with ENT and Audiologist for Round Table article on Taming Tinnitus in Parkhurst Exchange; a medical educational journal for family practitioners in Canada, August 2008

Calgary Herald, August 14, 2008 Neighbors Magazine, Interviewed for Tinnitus article, Tinnitus Sufferers Grieve Loss of Silence

The National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research , Videoconference from Portland, OR on: “Mental Health Service Treatment in Veterans with Tinnitus” Presented by Caroline Kendall,  Ph.D., Department of Clinical Psychology, Yale University

NCRAR Videoconference from Portland, OR on "Tinnitus Treatment & Research: Controversies & Conundrums" presented by Dr. Robert Folmer




Invited Speaker to the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association (CHHA), Edmonton, AB

Delegate, 15th Annual International Conference on the Management of the Tinnitus Patient, Iowa







Pre-Conference Speaker - Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA), Calgary. Alberta, “Bridge of Hope: Living…While Having Tinnitus”

Publication in September issue of “Tinnitus Today”, quarterly journal with the American Tinnitus Association, “A Bridge of Hope---Cognitive Behavioral Therapy---Learning How to Live While Having Tinnitus”

Invited Speaker at the ATA Tinnitus Support groups of Boulder and Colorado Springs

Delegate, 13th Annual International Conference on the Management of the Tinnitus Patient, IOWA

Certificate Tinnitus Management Course for Professionals, American Tinnitus Association

Guest Speaker, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Association, Calgary, AB


Listed as a Service Provider with the American Tinnitus Association


Presentation to the Calgary Health Region; East Health Center Audiology group



Development of 8 week (16 hour) Tinnitus Self-Management Program (TSMP); A comprehensive program including PowerPoint presentations, education, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) treatment strategies, handouts and home practice exercises

Future Tinnitus Goals


Development and realization of a multi-disciplinary Tinnitus Management Specialty Clinic with Otolaryngology, Oto Neurotloogy, Audiology and Tinnitus Health Specialist (Psychologist) modeled from Cleveland Head and Neck Institute, Tinnitus Program.

Videoconferencing  pilot project of  the Tinnitus Self-Management Program to St. Paul’s Hospital Audiology Department in Vancouver, B.C. and other locations upon request

Provide In-Services Training to Audiology Clinics and other professional groups

To speak at the annual provincial conference for Otolaryngologists, Lake Louise, Ab

To hold  public forums in conjunction with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, to promote awareness of tinnitus management and treatment options to those who have tinnitus

Guest appearance on the Breakfast Show to promote Tinnitus Education and Management during Hearing Awareness Month in May

To speak to professional associations and groups in Canada and the United States on the Role of Psychologist in the Treatment of the Tinnitus Patient and the application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Tinnitus Management


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