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The information contained within this website is written with intent to be informative and educational based on the author’s education and professional experience.  There is no claim being made for its’ scientific validity, nor is it superior to any other viewpoints or approaches.  It is not presented as research based but rather as practical applications as they pertain to improved management of the impact of Tinnitus.  Though it is written with the goal of accuracy there may be errors.

It is important to respect that this site in no way substitutes for personal consultation with qualified healthcare, medical and psychological professionals.  The information provided in this site is intended to supplement, not replace or criticize current treatment.

Despite every effort to ensure that your personal information is kept in strict confidence, Ms. Deborah R. Lain, and Hope For Tinnitus (a division of SoulSpring Counselling Inc.) will not be held liable for any damages suffered from accessing information from this website or by contacting us by email or phone (computer viruses, system failures, technical errors, etc).

I understand that even though the most up-to-date technology will be used to ensure the privacy of information received by hopefortinnitus.com, information on the internet still cannot be absolutely secured.  I take responsibility for protecting private information that I receive, generate and store on my computer.

In order to manage the business and administrative aspects of this practice, technology consultants and administrative staff may have access to restricted, identifying information (your name and contact information) for the purposes of managing this information. However, I avoid revealing identifying information whenever possible. External consultants and administrative staff must enter into privacy agreements with me if they have access to identifying information and adhere to strict privacy policies concerning identifying information.  No one except Deborah Lain, Registered Psychologist, has access to your clinical file without your consent.

I have read and understand the nature of this Privacy Policy and Informed Consent. 


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