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Balancing Acceptance With Change….

Accepting What Cannot Change…

While Affirming a Positive Attitude Toward Future Adjustment


Dr. Peter Wilson & Dr. Jane Henry

When one is faced with a chronic medical condition, like Tinnitus, the notion of ‘acceptance’ is something that may be met with resistance.  Many aspects of life can be impacted by the effects of the secondary losses one experiences due to the nature of the condition.  This quote exemplifies the challenge that people with Tinnitus need to embrace.

 “Acceptance” does not mean giving in or giving up.  In this context, ‘acceptance’ means that there are things in life for all of us, whether faced with a medical condition or not, that we do not have the power to influence or change directly. The person with Tinnitus desperately wants for the sound to be gone; and the helplessness created from not being able to achieve this is disheartening. 

Hope comes from realizing that there are things that are within your power to change that go beyond elimination of the sound. 

“Affirming a Positive Attitude….” does not mean denying or discounting your feelings; all of them are valid.  It does mean however, that you always have a choice about how you respond to the impact of tinnitus in your life. 

It also means acknowledging all that still has meaning and value in your life in spite of the tinnitus.

This quote provides the framework for the mission and purpose of my work with people who have tinnitus. 

“Future Adjustment” is an attainable goal for each of you. It is through learning this intricate balance, that you can be empowered with hope and experience enhanced quality of life. 



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