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Deborah R. Lain has been a Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta since 1983.  Her fees reflect her level of experience and expertise and are within the fee guidelines recommended by the Psychologists Association of Alberta.

If you have extended health care benefits through your employer, the fees for services provided within Alberta* by Registered Psychologists may be partially reimbursable.  Please contact your employer or insurance company for details on the coverage provided by your specific health plan.  The fees for psychological services are tax deductible as a health expense.

*If you are accessing services by phone, e-Counselling or other electronic means outside of the jurisdiction of Alberta, please note you are NOT likely insured.  As such, you understand this is a private pay service and agree to the terms as stated in the disclaimer and consent forms.

Method of payment for outside of Alberta, telephone consultation or other online services can be made through Visa or PayPal.


In Office Assessment  $190 / hour
In Office Therapy      $190 / hour

Phone, Skype or FaceTime Consultations $180 / hour

3rd Party Assessment, Progress, Termination Reports based on time  
Tinnitus Management Workshop (TMW) $695 for 2 days

TMW Refesher Weekend $350  
Significant Other Support Person to join the TMW $50  
Sleep Enhancement Program (SEP) $295 for 5 weeks

Tinnitus Management Modules (TMM) $200 for 10 modules plus Online Chat Forums

Tinnitus Webinars $50

Professional Presentations $250 / hour + expenses

Professional In-Service Training $900 half day + expenses 

  $1800 full day + expenses


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