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Hope For Tinnitus provides a variety of Tinnitus specific programs and professional services.  In addition there are ongoing projects and events being offered throughout the year. 

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Tinnitus Programs:

In 2004, the Tinnitus Self Management Program (TSMP) an 8 week, 16 hour seminar series was created which was designed to teach teach self control techniques on how to manage the emotional impact of Tinnitus.  Successful coping with Tinnitus is enhanced with the implementation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques as it relates specifically to Tinnitus.  Improved mastery and a sense of control over the reactions to Tinnitus is enhanced with the implementation of the following methods:

  • Cognitive Restructuring

  • Attention Control

  • Imagery Training

  • Relaxation Training

By developing skills in these areas, despair can turn into hope and anguish into acceptance.

It became clear that the program needed to reach more people in other parts of Canada and the US and also needed to be more practical than an 8 week commitment.  From this goal, the 2 day interactive Tinnitus Management Workshop (TMW) was created which includes all aspects of the original program and so much more.  The program is extremely comprehensive, including the anatomy of the ear and hearing, discussions of devices and sound therapies, information about supplements and medication, and of course the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as they pertain specifically to tinnitus, hyperacusis, and other chronic symptoms. The program is committed to offering hope through education and teaching management skills that will allow those with tinnitus to transcend the sound and improve the quality of their life.

Tinnitus Management Workshop:

The 2-day interactive Tinnitus Management Workshop (TMW) has been created outlining the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and its’ applications to Tinnitus management. 

At the end of the workshop, participants will have learned strategies and techniques to alter their response to the tinnitus and thus reduce the distress experienced.

When CBT is applied to Tinnitus, many individuals experience a significant improvement in the quality of their life, suggesting that CBT has a positive effect on the way in which people cope with Tinnitus.  CBT has a positive effect on the way in which people cope with Tinnitus.  There is evidence based medical research to support the benefits of CBT outlined in the articles from the Cochrane Review of Literature. 

Cochrane Database System Review of 2007 CBT for Tinnitus

Cochrane Database System Review 2010 CBT for Tinnitus

The TMW will create feelings of hope and empowerment as you leave with tools that will assist you in managing the impact tinnitus is having on your life.

Please read Inspiring Messages of Hope.

Workshops available in Calgary, AB are hosted in the spring, winter and fall.

Please click on the attachments below for further information and to register:

TMW Tinnitus Management Workshop 2015

TMW Calgary Confirmation Letter 2015

Tinnitus Management Workshop, Date To Be Determined, in Vancouver, BC

If you are interested in workshops in Edmonton, Lethbridge and Scottsdale,AZ, please click here to add your name and contact information to the list.

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Please click here to view the Tinnitus Management Workshop Flyer (pdf format).

To receive information on any or all of these services, please click here to fill out our inquiry form.


Tinnitus Assessment Package: "TAP" 

There are times when it is appropriate to have a comprehensive assessment prior to deciding what program or intervention is best suited for your particular needs. Your responses to a variety of questionnaires within the Tinnitus Assessment Package will assist me in recommending an individualized tinnitus management plan based on the uniqueness of how tinnitus is impacting your life. Please click on the attachments below to read more about the TAP contents, then click on the link for the Tinnitus Assessment Package. Once you have completed all the items and printed them, please request an appointment.  

TAP Introduction

EARS Confidentiality & Consent Form

Tinnitus Assessment Package

For those individual’s who may live outside of my area, you may still receive the Tinnitus Assessment Package and a telephone consultation with feedback and recommendations based on your answers to the questionnaires. From there, you may decide that you wish to pursue further work on how to manage tinnitus via phone consultations, e-counselling/email/internet, teleconferencing. Please write me in advance regarding the fees for these services.

Individual Programs & Phone Consultation & Email Consultations

Individuals can make appointments to work one on one on the specific concerns regarding their tinnitus.  It is not uncommon for the individual to be experiencing other issues, co-existing factors that may impact their ability to cope and these discussions go beyond the group programs offered.

One of the goals in the development of this website was to make services for tinnitus management available to those with limited resources, work related travel, or living in a geographical area where tinnitus counselling and programs are unavailable.  For these individuals, telephone and email consultations are effective.  You will find the rates for these services and any requests for professional input, comments and recommendations under the ‘Fee’ section of this website.  These fees are based on the time involved in responding to your questions and concerns.

Tinnitus Management Modules

The Tinnitus Management Modules is an online program especially helpful for those who do not have access to other types of services.  The program includes a series of 10 Tinnitus Management Modules which are designed to provide information, concrete tools, strategies and exercises for you to practice online.  The program incorporates the principles of CBT and its’ applications to tinnitus management.


The following material is included in the program:

  • 10 Tinnitus Management Modules that are educational and include home practice and online exercises

Please click here for further information on this program

Professional Presentations and In-Service Training

Professional groups including Audiologists, Medical, Specialists, Work Safe and Workers Compensation, Airline personnel, Department of National Defense, Veterans Affairs, Assisted Living facilities, associations and any groups are invited to host a presentation or in service training on Tinnitus Management that can assist them in offering assistance to their tinnitus patients.  This supports and encourages a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment,

November 2nd, 2010 - Deborah Lain will be speaking at a ‘Lunch and Learn’ to the Knights of the Round Table on Tinnitus and the Role of Psychologist in Tinnitus Management

November 5th, 2010 - Deborah Lain will be speaking to the Alberta Association of Audiologists (AA of A) in Edmonton

Abstract: As Audiologists and hearing aid dispensers, you are exposed to the challenges that the patient with tinnitus describes.  You recognize the distress and despair that many patients may feel and also acknowledge the limitations that an audiological device can offer in terms of successful coping and management of the condition.   Deborah Lain is a psychologist and “Tinnitus Health Specialist” offering the missing link in a multi-disciplinary approach to patient management.  Participants for this session will learn about the role a psychologist plays in treatment and how CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) can enhance quality of life for tinnitus patients.  She is also knowledgeable in audiological programs, specifically LACE and the Widex Zen Mind that have significant applications to tinnitus care.  She will talk about how to improve patient success through the integration of what you provide as an audiologist and dispenser and the inclusion of a specialized counselling approach that empowers patients to go beyond “living with it”.

Special Tinnitus Events

May is Hearing Awareness Month and in their support of Tinnitus awareness Deborah Lain, MSc, Registered Psychologist and Suzanne MacLaren, MA, Registered Audiologist, have a goal to talk about Tinnitus and options for treatment on the Breakfast Show. 

Date and time to be announced

Tinnitus Support Group Guest Speaker

The American Tinnitus Association (ATA) supports talks given by professionals to the various Tinnitus Support Groups across the United States. If you would like to host a talk on CBT or the role of a psychologist in the management of tinnitus, please click below with your preferred dates and location.

Tinnitus Support Groups in Canada are invited to host a speaker presentation as well. Please click the above to indicate your preferred dates and location.

To receive information on any or all of these services, please click here to fill out our inquiry form.

Tinnitus Presentations (Past and Upcoming)

Tinnitus Management: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Society (DHHS) will be hosting a seminar on Tinnitus Management: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach.   This talk will be reporting on the recent visit to the renowned Cleveland Head and Neck Institute and their Tinnitus Specialty Clinic.  Facilitated by Deborah Lain, Registered Psychologist & Tinnitus Health Specialist and Suzanne MacLaren, Registered Audiologist & Tinnitus Education and Resource Specialist and Dr Justin Chau, Otologist, the team will be sharing their experience.   Please join us in hearing about one of the most successful tinnitus clinics in the US and the exciting ways that we are integrating their approach here in Calgary.

Progressive Tinnitus Management - January 2012


Tinnitus Research - March 2012


Deaf and Hard of Hearing


The Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHHS) is host to guest speakers on various topics that are relevant to Tinnitus research and management.  This site will post upcoming presentations for you to attend if you are interested.  You may also contact Sylvia Bird, Tinnitus Coordinator at the DHHS to get on the mailing list directly.  Email:  Sylvia.Bird@dhhs.ca

To receive information on any or all of these services, please click here to fill out our inquiry form.


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